ExercisingFor sufferers of SI joint related pain, spine surgery can be an effective, long-term solution. If you are considering spine surgery, make sure to discuss the entire process with a medical specialist before scheduling an operation. One of the most important things to understand is what exercising looks like after surgery. Proper exercise can improve your chances of facilitating pain relief, while irresponsible care can cause damage to your recovering back.

 Exercising to Rehabilitate

  •  To easily understand post-surgical exercise after a spinal operation, it is best to think of your spine surgery like a set of new tires on a car. Exercise plays the role of aligning, balancing, and tuning to make sure you get the most out of your surgery.
  •  Physical therapists are trained to help manage the pain and recovery process following spine surgery. While a certain amount of pain should be expected after surgery, physical exercise can minimize pain by reducing swelling and increasing mobility. It will also help to strengthen and repair the muscles recovering from the surgery.
  •  Each patient will usually help design a specifically tailored exercise program that takes into account the type of surgery performed, post-surgical conditions, body type, and severity of pain. Then, low impact exercises will be introduced, followed by icing and rest.

Before considering spine surgery for SI joint dysfunction, make sure you speak with a medical specialist and consider all options.