injectionsIf you suffer chronically from SI joint dysfunction, you probably know all about some of the treatment options available to you. The important thing to remember is that you want the most effective solution with the lowest risk factor. Depending on your unique condition, that might mean SI joint injections.

What are SI Joint Injections?

SI joint injections usually consist of a corticosteroid and lidocaine mixture and are injected into the SI Jiont under direct Xray guidance. The initial important aspect of the injections is that they are needed to confirm the diagnosis of SI Jiont dysfunction. Ideally the corticosteroids component of the injection can reduce swelling and pain in order to improve mobility in many individuals. Injections can provide pain relief immediately as well as indefinitely, and can be repeated depending upon the results of the injections.

Effectiveness of SI Joint Injections

SI joint injections have been used for a long time and have proven to be safe pain relief options. Injections are less invasive than operations and are generally used before attempting spine surgery. They are a necessary component of the diagnostic process and can decrease enough inflammation to allow the body to heal and experience long term relief.

Recovery from SI Joint Injections

The time it takes to recover from SI joint injections is very minimal.  Patients are typically advised to rest the day of the injection and can begin resuming tolerated activities the following day.

Spine Surgery

While SI joint injections will work for many individuals, in the end, spine surgery is sometimes the only option. If you have tried injections with no success, discuss other options with a medical specialist.