medicationWhile spine surgery can be a very long-term, effective solution for SI joint dysfunction, it is usually not pursued as an option before first considering exercise and medication.

 Over-the-Counter Medication for SI Joint Pain

SI joint pain may present itself in many different guises. For some people, the pain is dull and non-localized, while for others it is sharp and focused. Whether your SI joint pain affects your lower back, buttocks, or thighs, over-the-counter medication can sometimes help. During and after trying exercise therapy, this is the preferred method of SI joint pain management. Doctors will usually recommend a medication like acetaminophen or naproxen for short term relief.

Prescription Medication for SI Joint Pain

If over-the-counter medications are not effective, doctors may want to try a stronger prescription medication. Commonly prescribed medications include prescription strength NSAIDs and corticosteroids. Opioids are typically discouraged and when necessary should be taken with caution because people can become dependent on them.

Spine Surgery

When medication offers no significant relief, it may be time to discuss spine surgery with your doctor or medical specialist. Whether it is SI joint fusion, nerve root ablation or dorsal column stimulator placement, spine surgery can be a good long-term solution. While it can offer significant SI joint pain relief, patients should discuss the risk factors involved with their doctor.