Back Pain SolutionsThe words ‘spine surgery’ may sound intimidating to some individuals, but advances in the fields of surgery and medicine have made it a viable option for back pain solutions. Here are some of the reasons spine surgery is becoming a top solution for those suffering from back pain:

Less Invasive Than Ever Before

People once shied away from spine surgery because of its invasive nature, but new procedures and cutting edge technologies now allow doctors to perform surgery in minimally invasive ways. Small video cameras, miniature surgical equipment, and an improved understanding of how the spine responds to operations allow for more effective and less invasive surgery treatments.

Getting to the Root of the Issue

While doctors prefer to pursue other options before surgery, nothing gets to the root of the pain like spine surgery. Depending on the type of surgery performed, surgeons are able to remove parts of the bone or ligaments surrounding the site of the pain, restrict motion between bones, and reduce pressure on spinal nerves.

Talk with a Specialist Today

Pain relief may seem elusive, but solutions do exist. To find out whether spine surgery is the right solution for you, talk to a medical specialist today to learn more.