PainSpine Surgery Relieving Back Pain

If not properly diagnosed and treated, SI joint pain, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease can seriously diminish your quality of life and make ordinary functions hard to perform. When it comes to relieving this pain, there are a number of options available to you. Spine surgery, while not always the first choice, can provide considerable relief to those suffering from SI joint and spinal pain. Though results will vary from case to case, there are a few key ways that spine surgery relieves pain.

  • Certain types of spine surgeries are performed to restrict the motion between the bones of the spine, which can significantly reduce pain in many patients. While reduced spinal motion may sound limiting, it rarely interferes with physical activity for most people.
  • Spine surgeries in which the surgeon removes parts of the bone or ligaments or disc can relieve pressure on spinal nerves and reduce pain. For some people, it is this pressure on the spinal nerves that has been causing weakness and discomfort.
  • When a patient suffers from a slipped or bulging disc, the cushion separating the vertebrae often presses on the spinal nerve and causes pain. Certain surgeries can remove all or part of the disk and provide immediate relief.

Surgery should always be approached with careful research and planning, but can be an excellent source of pain relief for many individuals.