Spine SurgeryFor those suffering from SI joint dysfunction, spine surgery can be an effective pain relief solution. Tere are a number of different surgical options, and historically surgery was very invasive. Now there are minimally invasive techniques that enable surgeons to use very small incisiiona with minimal muscle disruption. From the patient’s standpoint, the recovery time is much shorter and one can usually be discharged home the day of the surgery.

Non-Invasive Options

Before spine surgery is considered, doctors will suggest that patients exhaust all non-invasive options. These include exercise, medication, and injections. In some cases, a combination of these can provide enough relief to avoid surgery and improve quality of life.


If non-invasive treatment options are not effective, doctors will begin to discuss surgical options with patients. There are a number of different procedures for SI joint pain, including SI joint fusion, nerve root ablation and placement of a dorsal column stimulator. . Each operation is different with varied outcomes and medical specialists will discuss the intricacies of each with the patient.


After surgery, it is critically important to follow the instructions and recommendations of the doctor. Depending on the type of operation performed, there will be expectations, limitations, and rules regarding the recovery process. In addition to physical therapy and medication, many surgeries will require follow up appointments including xrays to ensure proper healing.

To find out whether spine surgery is the appropriate solution to your SI joint related pain, discuss all options with a medical specialist and make sure you understand the positives and negatives of each.