You Need an Accurate Diagnosis Before Spine Surgery

Spine surgery for SI joint dysfunction should never be pursued without a proper diagnosis from a qualified medical specialist. Without an accurate diagnosis, it is impossible to determine which treatment option will yield the best results and which should be avoided.

Back Pain Can Mean a Number of Things

While your lower back pain could very […]

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When to Opt for Medication Over Spine Surgery

While spine surgery can be a very long-term, effective solution for SI joint dysfunction, it is usually not pursued as an option before first considering exercise and medication.
 Over-the-Counter Medication for SI Joint Pain
SI joint pain may present itself in many different guises. For some people, the pain is dull and non-localized, while for others […]

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    SI Joint Injections or Spine Surgery: Which Should I Pursue?

SI Joint Injections or Spine Surgery: Which Should I Pursue?

If you suffer chronically from SI joint dysfunction, you probably know all about some of the treatment options available to you. The important thing to remember is that you want the most effective solution with the lowest risk factor. Depending on your unique condition, that might mean SI joint injections.
What are SI Joint Injections?
SI […]

Viable Treatment Options for SI Joint Dysfunction

Exercise, Medication, and Surgery: All Viable Treatment Options for SI Joint Dysfunction
Treatment for SI joint dysfunction can range from exercise to surgery, with varying levels of success, depending on the individual. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the good news for those suffering from pain is that treatment is available.

Exercise for SI Joint Dysfunction

Low […]